How To Sell a House To Investors in Washington

Quick — is the house you are in right now the one you want to spend the rest of your life in?

Any home sellers who answered ‘no’ need to learn it is past the time to sell your home and move on. 

Instead of spending months or years lingering on the housing market waiting for a buyer to come in and offer to double your asking price, there is another option.

When you sell to an investor rather than work with a real estate agent, you will get cash in your pocket, fast.

Read on and learn more about selling to investors in Washington State!

How To Sell Your House To Investors in Washington

It is easier than you may think to sell your house to investors in Washington. 

The good news is that most homes, including mobile homes, will qualify for interested investors, no matter their condition or location. Your property does not have to be desirable to a traditional buyer in order to get purchased by an investor. 

Follow just a few simple steps, and you’ll be on your way to an easy real estate transaction. 

1. Document Your Home

The first step of selling your home is like listing a used car online; take pictures and document all the details. Set your asking price based on other homes in the neighborhood that are in similar conditions.

One benefit of selling your home to an investor is you do not have to worry about any major renovations. The investor may be more interested in your property than the physical house.

2. Invite the Investor Over

Once you’ve piqued the interest of an investor, invite them to investigate your property for themselves. The investor will then determine a value for the house they deem as fair based on any necessary repairs or renovations they need to cover.

If an investor only wants to purchase the property the house sits on, they could even buy it sight unseen!

3. Close The Deal

The final step is accepting the offer. Expect an investor to offer less than your asking price, as they will pay for repairs, renovations, and shoulder all the financial burdens the home comes with.

But while you may get a bit less upfront, the whole process will happen in record time, and you’ll end up with money in your hands. 

How Fast Can You Sell Your House To Investors in Washington?

For home sellers in a rush to close a deal, investors will be a godsend. In Washington, you can go from speaking to an investor to closing a no-fee deal in as little as 7-10 days! 

Have cash to spend in just a week without the hassle of working with a real estate agent. Real estate state agents have to finalize a mortgage and fill out reams of paperwork between you and the buyer, which can take over 6 weeks to finish. Plus real estate agents come with large commissions and fees that just cost you extra.

When you sell your home to an investor you save time by avoiding open houses and having people make offers and back out last minute over and over again. Your property will be picked up and sold before your next paycheck when you work with an investor.

Instead of stressing over the complicated world of real estate, make the process easy.

Why You Should Not Wait To Sell Your Washington House

If your house is already costing you more than you can afford, the longer you wait to sell your home will only exacerbate those burdens. Sell your property today, and have a cushion of money to support you tomorrow.


Continuing upkeep and repairs will become more burdensome the more you live with them. Minor annoyances can become expensive repairs that can suck money. Instead of paying to replace appliances and refinish rooms, sell your home the way it is now.

Save on Taxes

If you live in an area with high property taxes, waiting for a top buyer to come around can end up costing more than the higher price eventually paid. Save on overwhelming taxes and move out fast.


Why keep paying for utilities that you don’t even plan to keep using? If you are looking to downsize, then your electric, water, and gas bills will all decrease as soon as you find a new home, saving you long-term cash.

Sell your home and reduce your financial responsibilities. 

Mortgage Payment

Avoid extra months of a mortgage payment by selling your prime real estate to an investor fast, instead of waiting and waiting for the perfect buyer to purchase your costly property.

Free Yourself

Holding on to property is full of hidden costs. After negotiations with a private buyer, you can still end up under your asking price by thousands of dollars and have wasted many months in the process. 

But even if you sell your Washington home at a discount to an investor, you can save more money over time by getting the responsibility out of your hands fast.

Don’t worry about fees, closing costs, or repairs. An investor will purchase your home as it is and absorb any costs involved in repairs that you would have to pay if you sell your home through an agent.

What Are You Waiting For?

Are you ready to get a fair price for your Washington house this week, hassle-free and without fees?

Kind House Buyers are here to help you unburden yourself without ever adding any stress. Sell your home now, and move on to greener pastures and new property!

We are a husband and wife team who treat you as a person, not a number. We work with you to provide the most competitive offers in the Washington area. Reach out today and sell your Washington house to us.


Keith is a real estate investor and entrepreneur who truly enjoys helping others. He grew up in Washington where he graduated from UW with degrees in marketing and economics. Besides flipping houses, Keith enjoys cycling, and hiking the Pacific Northwest with his fiancee Amanda and their golden retriever Aioli.

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