Do you want to sell your house but you feel stuck because you need money now in order to get your new place? We have the solution… it’s called Easy-Move.

We have helped many sellers in this exact situation and we understand how stressful it can be. Trying to figure out how you can sell your house fast and transition your family into your new place can be a very stressful experience.

One of the reasons it’s so stressful is because moving can be expensive. We understand that the majority of people don’t have thousands of dollars lying around to put down a deposit on a new home or a large rental deposit to secure a new apartment. This situation can leave you “homeless” for a short period of time until you can secure and arrange to move into your new home.

As you know there are many companies that “Buy Houses For Cash” and typically they will require that the house be vacant before you can receive the proceeds from the sale. This is where we’re different… we can buy your house “as is” for cash but we offer the Easy Move Program in order to avoid this stressful moving situation.

Another stressful situation is the move itself. It can get so overwhelming that it will freeze you in your tracks. Not everyone has friends they can rely on to help them move or $500-$1000 to pay for professional movers. With our Easy Move Program, you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to move all your heavy furniture because we got you covered.

 How Our Easy Move Program Works

1. You will get 50% of your cash from the proceeds of the sale upfront.

Once we come to an agreement to purchase your home we will close on the property. At closing, you will receive 50% of the proceeds from your cash sale while the other 50% is held in escrow at the closing company until you have moved out of the property.

You can use this money for the deposit on your new house or rental deposit. This is step one of the EZ Move Program Now step two is where we really make your move stress free

2. You get to stay in the property for up to 2 weeks after closing.

You will have up to 2 weeks to stay in the property to allow you to make the transition into your new home. This allows you and your family time to schedule your move without the stress of a same-day timeline.

If you need a longer time period to make your transition we can arrange that too. We typically prepare a short term agreement at a pre-agreed price and you can have a couple more weeks if needed.

3. We will help you locate your ideal new home

Usually, when a seller decides to sell their home, they are overwhelmed with the ordeal of finding a new place to live. Most sellers don’t even know where to start. No worries, we have agents on our team who can assist you with finding a new home. Our preferred agents have access to 1000’s of properties for sale and rent. Once you give us your ideal criteria for a home, we will get to work finding you the perfect new home for you and your family.

We can also help you find local lenders who will help you get approved for a new loan.

4. We pay your closing costs.

In Duval, St John’s and Clay Counties, it’s standard practice that the seller pays closing costs such as the title search, title insurance, state documentary stamps and title transaction fees. These fees can run about 3% of the sales price.  With our Easy Move Program, we pay your closing costs so you keep more of your sales proceeds money in your pocket where it belongs.

5. We pay for your moving expenses

And if all that was not enough, we will also pay your moving expenses up to $1,000.00. Forget breaking your back moving heavy furniture or burdening your friends and family to help you move. With our Easy Move Program, you can relax and hire professional movers to move the entire contents of your house. What could be easier?

Our Easy Move program is the solution that will unleash the cash in your house now so you can transition to your new home while relieving you from many of the hassles and stress of moving. Give us a call today or fill out the form on the right to see how we can help make the sale of your house stress-free.

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***Certain situations may not qualify for our Easy Move Program. Call today to see if you qualify.