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Common questions asked about how to sell a house in probate, have an inherited house in Seattle WA you need to sell:

Don’t I have to go through the standard court process? – No, most people in probate don’t know that you can technically sell your property under the Independent Administrations of estate act in which the proceeds will be transferred to the estate’s assets until final distribution.

Can the executor sell a house that is in probate? – Yes, as soon as the court appoints an executor, the house can be sold. You do not have to wait for probate to be finalized to sell the house. To learn more check out our recent post: Can a house be sold while it is in probate in Seattle?

Can I really sell a probate property that quickly? – Yes, depending on the type of filing and whether or not the person handling the estate has “full authority” to sell. Assuming you have the right filing, you may be able to dispose of the asset under the Independent Administrations of estate act. Give us a call (253) 216-2497 or click here  to get a fair offer. We can close in as little as 10-14 days

(Note: these are just findings from our experience and are not meant to be issued as “legal advice”. Please consult your local attorney for any additional legal questions pertaining to this matter)

How Probate Works & Resources

“Probate” proceedings normally begin before an inherited house is sold. Probate litigation has five stages. Obtain information about each stage of probate on

  1. Filing the petition. Probate litigation is instituted by a personal representative named in the will or a person petitions the court to be executor.
  2. Notice to creditors and beneficiaries. The representative must notice anyone with an interest in the estate.
  3. Payment of the Estate’s debts, taxes, and expenses. Debts do not disappear – they must be paid before you inherit. Probate property is commonly  used to satisfy amounts owed.
  4. Legal title of property transferred in accordance with the will or local inheritance laws. Once creditor claims are satisfied, the personal representative petitions the court to transfer remaining assets to beneficiaries.
  5. Closing the probate estate. The estate is formally closed with a final account, petition for distribution, a final hearing with notice to all parties.

Here are some probate resources we created:

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