Selling My House in Kent

We buy houses in any condition. No realtors, no fees, no commissions, no repairs & don’t clean. Get Your No-Obligation All Cash Offer Started Below!

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If you are looking to sell your home in Kent, you are in the right place. At Kind House Buyers, we go above and beyond to ensure that you can sell your home quickly, efficiently, and exactly when you want. 

There are no mountains of paperwork or chains to worry about, unlike when you work with real estate agents. Our cash offers are 100% free with no obligation to accept. 

We’re the stress-free route to selling your home. Get in touch today for the no-hassle approach to selling your house in Kent.

Get an offer within 24 hours

Skip the hassle of listing. Have a cash offer in your hands.

Fast selling process

Skip the hassle of open houses and months of stress with our easy process.

Close on your schedule

Choose the date to close that works best for you.

Kent Home Sellers Love Us And You Will Too

We have helped hundreds of Tacoma homeowners with our easy home buying process and we can help you too!

Selling My House in Kent

No one has ever said selling your home was easy, but does it have to be so much stress? Knowing who to work with to achieve your desired outcomes is tough, especially when everyone wants in on the business of selling your house, from real estate agents to inspectors and listing services. 

Our business model offers a different route. We genuinely want to sell your house as quickly as possible, with no corners cut or boxes unchecked. It’s quick closure and money right in your pocket, simple. 

Some people may choose to work with the fastest real estate they know, but that has its own set of drawbacks. A mountain of paperwork still holds back even the fastest real estate agent. 

With Kind House Buyers, you don’t have that problem. We turn up, evaluate the property, and close. It’s genuinely that simple. Want to know more? Just keep reading!

No Need To Make Repairs!

When we say we buy houses “As-is” we mean it! As-Is sales and in ANY Condition. Take what you want and just leave the rest (yes, it’s that easy). Have old furniture or a bunch of junk you’ve been meaning to dump? Don’t worry about it! We will take care of everything.

How Does It Work?

Our Best Price Promise

Why Pay An Agent Thousands In Commissions?

Before you lock yourself into a listing agreement with a real estate agent, see what we can offer. We aren’t here to waste your time or make you a lowball offer. Getting a cash offer for your home is 100% FREE without any obligation to accept.

Sell Your House To Kent’s Local Home Buyer

Selling your house can be a long and stressful process if you do it the traditional way. That’s why we offer you an easy solution. Meet Keith – aka The Kind House Buyer, he offers you a faster, stress-free solution to selling your house!

We buy houses in Kent, WA fast and make selling your home stress-free. Whether you want to sell as fast as possible or a few months from now, we will work with you to make selling your home in Kent fast, safe, and simple.

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We give you a fair cash offer on your house, which allows you to sell your house fast. Plus you decide the closing date. This helps you avoid the time it takes to sell your house on the real estate market which can take months, money for repairs, and commissions to the real estate agent. We can close quickly!

We don’t ask you to do any repairs to your house. We buy your house regardless of the condition because we make repairs on our own after the sale is complete.  We can even pay the closing costs of the home as well. If you’re asking yourself, “How can I sell my house fast and as is” you have found your answer.

We value simplicity and efficiency. In our experience, the two go hand-in-hand. Our sole priority is making sure that the process of selling your house is as easy as it can be, without the complicated paperwork or countless fees associated. 

Our way of doing things can sometimes seem a little too good to be true, and we understand that. However, our process is entirely transparent. All you need to do is contact us and arrange an initial evaluation. We utilize a comprehensive market analysis to ensure you get the best deal, and then it can be a matter of days until we close. 

In a matter of weeks, you can have closed on your property and have money in your pocket. It honestly couldn’t be easier.

How Can I Sell My House Quickly?

We Buy Kent Houses For Cash

There are various reasons you might need to sell your home quickly. You might be leaving the country, starting a new job elsewhere, or you may just want the extra money in your back pocket. Everyone has their reasons for wanting to sell their home fast, but not everyone knows the best way to do it.

Ultimately, our process centers on effective simplicity. That doesn’t mean we cut corners, but it does mean that we cut out the middlemen. That means realtors, lenders, inspectors, appraisers, and whoever else may have held you up in the past are out of the picture. 

If you’re already breathing a sigh of relief, then you’re our kind of client. 

Here’s a rough rundown of how our process unfolds.

You Call Us

You can call or get in touch via email, whichever you prefer! All we need to do is gather some initial details from you so that we can proceed. 

There’s no pressure, no stress, and no complicated jargon.

We Meet You

We arrive at the property you wish to sell and answer any questions you have about the process. 

Unlike companies that offer a similar service, we actually visit your home and ask the necessary questions. We aren’t trying to con anybody out of their home.

Once all parties have their questions answered, then we will present an all-cash offer. Remember, you have no obligation to accept.

We Close

If you consider our cash offer appropriate and are happy to move forward, we can close via a local attorney. It’s truly as simple as that! 

Selling your house can feel like an overwhelming task, especially if you want it over and done ASAP. We offer quick service that’s efficient too. We understand that sometimes you want to leave your home fast, and that process should be more accessible.

Get Your Cash Offer Today! 💰

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Or Give Us A Call Now At: (253) 216-2497

What Are the Costs for Selling My House?

There are numerous costs attached to selling a house. Before you even start paying your real estate agent commission of closing fees, you need to think about the investment you make into your property to have it look its best. This includes major repairs sometimes, which drives your costs up in the thousands.

When you sell through Kind House Buyers, we take all of that off your hands. We buy the house as-is, and there are no commission or closing fees because we don’t use a real estate agent.

Get Your Cash Offer Today. Give Us a Call (253) 216-2497 or visit the Get A Cash Offer Page to find out how much cash you can get.

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What Could Prevent Me From Selling My House in Kent?

Several factors could prevent your house from selling on the traditional market. Maybe there aren’t enough potential buyers in your area, or maybe your area isn’t as desirable as once thought. 

Perhaps your house doesn’t have the space new families or looking for, but it’s too big for a single buyer. There is room for enormous speculation as to why your house won’t sell, but truthfully, it could be for many reasons. 

Whatever the reason, though, it’s an exhausting and frustrating experience, especially when you feel like you’ve pulled out all the stops. It doesn’t need to be that way.

Why Choose Us?

We are the easiest, quickest, and most stress-free way to sell your property and get cash ASAP. We aren’t a con or a fraud, and we don’t cut corners to get the results you deserve. We’re an honest business that understands how stressful selling a home can be, and we just want to simplify that entire process.

If that sounds like something you can get on board with, contact us today to iron out the finer details. We would be thrilled to hear from you!

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