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We buy houses in any condition. No realtors, no fees, no commissions, no repairs & don’t clean. Get Your No-Obligation All Cash Offer Started Below!

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If you own a home or have a property in Marysville, Kind House Buyers is prepared to offer you a fair cash price today.

We don’t waste your time or string you along waiting for the biggest commission, unlike real estate agents. All we want is your home, exactly as it stands today.

So how do we do it? The short answer is: we want to buy your home, take the burden off you, and accept all associated responsibilities!

Read on and get the long answer if you’re serious about selling your home. Or, if you’re ready to sell, call today!

Get an offer within 24 hours

Skip the hassle of listing. Have a cash offer in your hands.

Fast selling process

Skip the hassle of open houses and months of stress with our easy process.

Close on your schedule

Choose the date to close that works best for you.

Marysville Home Sellers Love Us And You Will Too

We have helped hundreds of Tacoma homeowners with our easy home buying process and we can help you too!

Selling My House in Marysville

Sick of the housing market? We are too! That’s why our business model avoids it entirely. 

When you sell to us, you aren’t beholden to the rises and falls of the turbulent market. On the seas of the market, the value of your home changes every day. When we give you an offer, it stays as it is until you’re ready to move forward.

Since we are brokers, we aren’t motivated by commissions or tethered to the whims of the market. Our price is our price, and no external factors will change it. 

We’ll give you a single lump sum in exchange for your Marysville house, no strings attached.

Sounds too good to be true? Let’s break it down.

No Need To Make Repairs!

When we say we buy houses “As-is” we mean it! As-Is sales and in ANY Condition. Take what you want and just leave the rest (yes, it’s that easy). Have old furniture or a bunch of junk you’ve been meaning to dump? Don’t worry about it! We will take care of everything.

How Does It Work?

Our Best Price Promise

Why Pay An Agent Thousands In Commissions?

Before you lock yourself into a listing agreement with a real estate agent, see what we can offer. We aren’t here to waste your time or make you a lowball offer. Getting a cash offer for your home is 100% FREE without any obligation to accept.

Sell Your House To Marysville’s Local Home Buyer

Selling your house can be a long and stressful process if you do it the traditional way. That’s why we offer you an easy solution. Meet Keith – aka The Kind House Buyer, he offers you a faster, stress-free solution to selling your house!

We buy houses in Marysville, WA fast and make selling your home stress-free. Whether you want to sell as fast as possible or a few months from now, we will work with you to make selling your home in Marysville fast, safe, and simple.

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We give you a fair cash offer on your house, which allows you to sell your house fast. Plus you decide the closing date. This helps you avoid the time it takes to sell your house on the real estate market which can take months, money for repairs, and commissions to the real estate agent. We can close quickly!

We don’t ask you to do any repairs to your house. We buy your house regardless of the condition because we make repairs on our own after the sale is complete.  We can even pay the closing costs of the home as well. If you’re asking yourself, “How can I sell my house fast and as is” you have found your answer.

What exactly is a real estate investor anyway? In the spirit of transparency, this is how we operate:

First, we purchase your home as it stands now, including accepting the mortgage and necessary repairs. Then we renovate the home. Finally, we sell it on the market for a modest profit. 

That’s it. We have nothing to hide and want you to know who you will be working with, without any doubts.

Our asking price is most likely lower than what you will find on the market. But our biggest advantage is taking away all the risk—and costs—involved in the sale. 

You are guaranteed a sale without months or even years of waiting around for the right time.

The right time is already here!

Any Reason

Any Condition

How Can I Sell My House Quickly?

We Buy Marysville Houses For Cash

To take advantage of our services, simply follow three easy steps! In just seven days, you’ll go from worried homeowner to a life of freedom and cash!

#1 Receive Your Offer

Fill out this simple form to get your offer in just 24 hours. 

We need a few basic details to get the ball rolling, and then we’re in business!

#2 We’ll Check Out the Place

The next thing we need to do is come on over. A representative will visit your property and perform a final inspection at a convenient time. We are happy to answer any of your last-minute questions at this time as well. 

During the visit, you will receive your final cash offer. Our representatives never pressure you into accepting any deal you aren’t comfortable with, or that doesn’t make you confident. 

So take all the time you need to consider our offer.

#3 Get Your Cash!

Once you agree to the terms, we’ll set up a time with a lawyer to sign the paperwork.

You put down your signature, we take the deed, and you get your money!

Get Your Cash Offer Today! 💰

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Or Give Us A Call Now At: (253) 216-2497

What Are the Costs for Selling My House?

The most significant cost associated with selling a home is a consequence of waiting. The longer you wait to finish the deal, the more money you waste. Mortgage payments, taxes, and repairs are expensive. 

A real estate agent will encourage you to wait around until the perfect moment. When exactly that is — they’ll never say. 

If you want to cut down on costs, get your home off your hands fast. 

Many homeowners feel pressured to complete renovations and additions to their homes to make them more desirable for the market. This process can be so prohibitively expensive that some never even list the home out of fear it won’t sell without investing in repairs.

But, and we think you know where we’re going with this, there are no costs involved when you sell to a real estate investor! No matter the condition of your home, it is good enough for us. 

Break the cycle. Sell your home now!

Get Your Cash Offer Today. Give Us a Call (253) 216-2497 or visit the Get A Cash Offer Page to find out how much cash you can get.

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What Could Prevent Me From Selling My House in Marysville?

Buyers are picky. Like, really picky. 

Loud neighbors? Pet hair on a couch during an open house? Unmowed lawn? These are all real reasons buyers have decided to skip over a perfectly good home! When you sell on-market, the whims of individuals dictate the price of your home. 

Even if your home is flawless and in a great neighborhood, you can get stuck with a perennially for-sale property if your asking price is too high. Agents always overprice your home at first to gauge interest. 

Since your agent’s bottom line directly correlates with your sale, they may push you into a higher asking price than you feel comfortable listing. 

At Kind House Buyers, we have no reason to argue, haggle, or lie. We are upfront with you from the beginning and only offer a single price. You can take it or leave without any hard feelings. 

If your home is stuck and just won’t budge, Kind House Buyers may be the crowbar you need.

Why Choose Us?

If you’re as tired of hearing real estate jargon as we are, you’re probably ready to get that home off your hands. 

Trust Kind House Buyers, a local Washington-owned and operated business, to give you a square deal. Don’t waste your time with agents or attempt to list your home yourself. Take the easy way out!

We are proud to put customers first and respect your time and needs. Just reach out and change your life.

You want cash; we want to buy your home — it’s a perfect match!

Get your free offer now!

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